1001 Nights: Art & Folklore of the Medieval Middle East

Ages: 9-13
Cost: $325
Schedule: Fridays, 10am-12pm, Sept. 8th and Sept.22nd - Dec. 15th, 12 classes total
Instructors: Jen Swan, Emily Goss and Dina Mesbah

Take a dive into the literary fantasy and myths of the Middle East and South Asia. In this class we will look into how tales of the East came to be collected and then shared among Western readers. By considering the many modern interpretations in music and cinema, students will have a better understanding of how Eastern culture influenced Western culture. Time will be spent exploring the art and culture behind the ancient tales. Creative projects will include geometric design work in stained glass mosaics, Persian miniature paintings, and traditional shadow puppets. Middle Eastern and Near East map-making, scientific inventions, and navigational tools of the Islamic Golden Age will also be integrated into the class. On the final class, students will hold a traditional bazaar filled with carpets, fabrics, jewelry and metalware, spices, teas, fruit and food (tailored to fit any food allergies). Let's bring history to life!