Adventures in Minecraft

Ages: All ages
Cost: $20/class
Schedule: Every other Saturday, 6:00 - 8:00pm, beginning 1/28/17 
Alex Camilo and Adam Zelny

*Minecraft account for Windows/Mac/Linux is required.
**Need a computer? You can reserve one of our 6 iMacs by emailing us. Otherwise, participants must bring their own laptop.

Adventures in Minecraft is an ongoing social gaming group where enthusiasts of all ages can come together to craft, build and adventure on a dedicated Minecraft server. Each meeting will open and close with a group discussion where we will set project goals and reflect on our progress. Newcomers and veterans are welcome to join. This group is lead by two instructors who not only love playing Minecraft, but also enjoy sharing how the game can be used and explored as a tool for creativity, teamwork, and even computer programming!

Want to check out the server? Desktop or laptop users can enter "" in the Minecraft multiplayer server address bar to see what we've done so far. *New visitors will not be able to interact with the world until an administrator gives them permission to do so.