Ages: 9-13
Cost: $350
Schedule: Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30am, Sept. 6th - Nov. 29th,  12 classes total
Instructor: Lauren Monroe

This course will cover fundamental biology principles with engaging hands-on science labs. Curriculum topics and techniques will reflect those often taught at a middle or junior high school level. Assigned homework and lab reports are encouraged as part of the course. The course will include frequent microscope and stereoscope use, hands-on learning with natural materials (bone, plants, fossils, soil, etc), and observation and documentation of on-going labs. Topics and labs include:

  • Microscope Technique and Microscope Slide Creation
  • Anatomical Studies and Classification
    - Bacteria Staining
    - Live Protist Identification
    - Botanical Studies
    - Animal Studies
    - Frog Dissection (Optional)*
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics and Heredity
    - Fast Plants Genetics
    - Chromosomes and Cell Reproduction
  • Principles of Ecology
    - Evolution of Populations
    - Atmospheric Chemistry
    - Global Change and Human Impact

  *The Frog Dissection lab will be held at a different day & time (TBD). Cost of this lab is an additional $35.

A separate course, Biology II will run early Feb. to mid-May 2018.