Civil Engineering and Minecraft: Real World Design II

Ages: 9-14
Cost: $415 ($90 deposit) 
Schedule: Fridays, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, 1/27 - 5/19
Instructor: Adam Zelny

*This class is a continuation of Civil Engineering and Minecraft: Real World Design. 

In this class students will continue to explore architectural and civil planning through more advanced technical drawings and application in the Minecraft video game. The goal of this class will be for each student to design a final, multi-layered structural schematic, complete with detailed architectural drawings, electrical and fluid conduit routes, and surrounding landscaping plans! The class will study this process by examining real world designs and mimicking certain techniques as we prepare our own original schematics to be built in our modded version of Minecraft. Extracurricular design work will be available in the form of neighborhood planning, which will include mapping out the placement of structure plots, road and foot paths, water and power routes, street lights, drainage, and more.