Civil Engineering and Minecraft I

Ages: 9-14
Cost: $415 ($90 deposit) 
Thursdays, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, 3/16 - 5/18
Instructor: Adam Zelny

Raising the bar for how we interact with video games, Minecraft has found a home in many classrooms as a unique teaching tool. Through it, teachers and students have explored subjects like computer programming and logic, digital commerce, reading and writing, and critical thinking and problem solving. This class uses a modified version of Minecraft to help introduce students to basic concepts in civil engineering such as: technical drawing, architecture, scale and measurement, and neighborhood planning. Students will learn how to create and interpret basic architectural schematics in order to collectively build a small in-game village of their own design! Both at the classroom table and behind the screen, teamwork will play an important roles as students build and make decisions together. Civil Engineering and Minecraft class evolves every semester for returning students, offering new challenges and more advanced content!

*A Minecraft account for Windows, Mac or Linux is required to participate in this class. We use the Technic Launcher to run our modded version of the game, which uses the same login as your Minecraft account. Once you've opened the launcher, click on 'Modpacks' and search for 'Civil Engineering' to install and play our modpack!

**Students in need of a computer may reserve one of our 6 iMacs prior to the first class. Please email us if you need to reserve a computer.