Lauren Monroe has been developing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) centered programs for middle and high school aged students since 2006. Lauren received a BS from UMASS Amherst in 2002 and afterward spent three years teaching in different schools across the globe. In 2008 she founded Worcester Think Tank, an educational center for STEAM enrichment in Worcester, MA. As co-director and resident science teacher to the center, Lauren has extensive experience mentoring teachers and collaborating with community leaders to enrich educational programs. She is also Program Director for Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp. Lauren serves on the Technocopia board and is looking forward to integrating Think Tank’s education model to Worcester’s new makerspace.

Adam Zelny is a multimedia composer and educator in the fields of 3D and 2D design, music, technology and literature. He briefly studied art and writing at Fitchburg State University and Mount Wachusett Community College before taking long term jobs with social service organizations in the Worcester area. It was during this time he discovered a love for teaching through subjects like language arts, history and music, and group therapy activities which included drum circles and meditation sessions. In 2008 he joined Worcester Think Tank as an after school creative writing teacher which helped launch a new career as a freelance educator, mentor and artist. Still heavily involved with Think Tank, Adam also spends time as a music tutor, videographer, graphic designer, and volunteers as an Education Director at the Technocopia makerspace in downtown Worcester. He loves a good video game (usually medieval and sci-fi), and enjoys creating and listening to all types of music.

Cindy Nordstrom. Intentional lover of knowledge and curiosity. Cindy began her career working with at-risk youth and families, specializing in teaching behavioral management skills through meaningful projects to promote healing, stability and growth. After working in the social services field for 15 years, Cindy devoted her time to raising and educating her three children in a homeschool environment. As a teacher, she seeks creative, dynamic and innovative ways to engage students, and believes that children deserve to be respected and learn best from meaningful first-hand, real-life situations. Cindy believes that students need to play, create, and be empowered in their learning, and her classes often feature a blend of dramatic and literary arts, along with subjects like history, geography, math, science and music. You can often find Cindy studying, singing, dancing, performing, learning the ukulele, reading and creating at home and at Think Tank.

Jen Swan is a teaching artist and mural painter who shares her love of art with the diverse community of Worcester and its surrounding cities and towns. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she currently teaches classes for the Worcester Art Museum, Worcester Center for Crafts, The Listening Center and Worcester Think Tank. Under her creative guidance, Think Tank students recently completed a large scale mural in the new Technocopia space. She is also a Cultural Partner in many schools and home-schooling organizations teaching independently and through MCC grants. Swan is primarily a plein air landscape painter, though she also draws influence from many themes, styles and cultures in her artwork. Her recent painting exhibits explore the connections between Art and Ecology as she portrays the web of interrelationships in our environment from the micro to macrocosms. Through cosmic canvases, plein air landscapes, botanical and wildlife studies, she wishes to creatively propose new possibilities for coexistence, sustainability and healing. 


Ashley Cruz holds an undergraduate degree in both Microbiology and Biomedical Science. She is currently working on a doctorate in Pharmacy at MCPHS (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) with a desire to do her residency working in infectious diseases. Ashley is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and chose to study in Massachusetts because of the states reputation for quality education and health care. She loves microbiology because preparing, viewing and studying micro-cultures opens up a world of understanding that we otherwise can't see. Ashley also enjoys reading.

Alex Camilo graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Robotics Engineering program in 2010. At around the same time he worked with Kevin Harrington to develop the DyIO hardware module for the Bowler Robotics software platform. He then worked with the WPI Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) lab to design robotics control hardware that was used in two surgeries on patients inside an MRI. In 2013 he helped found Technocopia with Nick Bold and Kevin Harrington. Alex maintains the electronics station at Technocopia, and is often modding and creating electronics and programming tools.