Project Math

Ages: 8-17
Cost: $375 (deposit $65)
Schedule: Mondays, 1/23 - 5/1, 12:30-2:00pm (12 classes)
Instructor: Cindy Nordstrom

Project Math meets kids where they are at and teaches students foundational, incremental math in real world situations. Each class builds on previously taught concepts bringing self-confidence, satisfaction and a love of numbers.  A dynamic, adaptive learning approach including a combination of repetition and creative, engaging hands-on projects, will allow students to interact with numbers and higher levels of math. Weekly projects will include:  budgeting a school store, eating at the “Think Tank Cafe” dividing the bill and calculating the tip, writing and understanding music, poetry, art, geography, astronomy, cooking and woodworking.  Students will be encouraged to be playful with numbers, to find meaning and experience the joy of mathematics.

*Pre-requisites include ability to read independently, to recognize and compare numbers 1 to 100, and to add and subtract single digit numbers.