Policies and Procedures

Thank you very much for choosing Worcester Think Tank (hereafter referred to as WTT) to assist you with education for your child.

Our Mission

WTT is committed to providing you and your child with an engaging, interesting and effective program for enhancing his or her education while learning to work with his/her peers in a nurturing and supervised environment. The lessons and experiments are designed to be informative, interesting, and led by skilled and experienced staff.

Our Staff

WTT uses experienced, talented teachers and we perform background checks on each individual upon joining us as staff. Our teachers strive to spark your child’s curiosity about the world around us, instill in your child an understanding and appreciation for learning, while fostering valuable skills of cooperation and collaboration with their peers, and instilling important safety habits.

Safety First

As part of our program, some classes will be using the usual laboratory materials and equipment such as glass pipettes and beakers, chemicals, hot plates, etc. Consequently, we take all reasonable precautions and instruct the students in proper handling and safety procedures. Obviously, we will have all the necessary safety materials and equipment, such as safety goggles, gloves, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, etc. on hand. Nevertheless, you and your student should understand that our classes are geared toward middle and high school level students, and all students will be expected to exhibit the maturity and discipline to handle these materials and to follow carefully all instructions and safety guidelines given to them. It must also be understood that in the event of an accident WTT cannot be held liable for any injuries that may be sustained to a student during this time.

Classroom Policies

Another important element of our program, and an essential requisite in a classroom environment, is respect both for equipment and for other individuals. Consequently, all students will be expected to handle all classroom equipment and materials in a responsible manner and treat all other students and staff with respect and consideration. To insure a nurturing, informative, safe experience for all children, there will be no tolerance for bullying, bickering, horseplay, or any other behavior which will detract from the positive experience of any other student, or which could cause an unsafe situation. Repeated or willful violations of the regulations will result in the loss of laboratory privileges and possible dismissal from the class. Should this occur, all payments will be forfeited. We count on you, as parents and guardians, to help us make every class a fun and memorable experience for your child by supporting us in this respect.

Fees and Deposits

Class fees and deposits for WTT programs can be found on our website under “Programs”. Deposits are necessary to reserve a student's spot in a class and full class tuition is required for their continued involvement. Deposit amounts are equal to what's considered as the “trial period” of a class. This allows students to explore the first, second and/or third scheduled class before committing to its full duration. Trial periods are as follows:

  • 14 week class = The first 3 classes

  • 8 to 12 week class = The first 2 classes

  • 4 to 6 week class = The first class        

Additionally, a $15 administrative fee is required annually per family. This fee is not required if enrollment is only for per diem classes.


In the event that a class must be permanently canceled, your fees will be refunded or, if you prefer, applied to another class. Because we must make scheduling and financial commitments to our staff, any withdrawals made by a student or family from a class after its trial period will not result in a deposit refund. In addition, full tuition for that class will still be required.

Online Payments

WTT offers one time payment options and also automatic payment as a convenient option to pay tuition balances in bi-weekly or monthly installments. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you acknowledge that you are personally responsible for these charges to your credit card and will contact WTT to cancel or change payment agreements. Appropriate returns or refunds (please see above in Refunds) will be accommodated for when necessary.


WTT does not share or sell any customer’s personal information with third parties.

Cancellations and Weather Policy

Information on inclement weather cancellations can be found on our homepage (worcesterthinktank.com) or voicemail (508 757 8265). In the event of a cancellation due to an instructor’s absence, families will be notified individually via email and phone as soon as possible. In both cases, make up classes are typically scheduled the week following the last scheduled class at its regular day and time. Any classes unable to be re-scheduled can be used as a credit toward a future class. In most cases, we follow Worcester Public School cancellations.

Photo and Media

WTT will use audio and visual media in several of its classrooms. Audio and visual material; including written work, visual art, photos and videos created within WTT may be used on WTT’s website and other social media web pages. This includes media that may need to be uploaded to an external host before posting on WTT’s page. Please read through the different allowances on how your child can allow or refuse having their photo or video used for these purposes.

Student Assessment

Upon request, WTT can provide proof documentation for classes your child has enrolled and fully participated in. This proof documentation will include: class descriptions, hours your child attended and full syllabuses. This is not a formal assessment and does not include a grade. A formal assessment of progress and/or reference letter can be requested but is at the independent discretion of each teacher. Cost per semester for such documentation is $18.

Copyright on Documents

Lesson plans, assignments, contracts or any other WTT document that is distributed physically, attached in an email or posted online, is copyrighted material that is not to be copied, re-distributed or altered in any way.


Parents must recognize that when students are in transit to and from our facility, WTT is not liable. In addition, WTT teachers are not permitted to transport students to and from class or a field trip.

Field Trips

On occasion, WTT conducts classes away from the center. On such occasions, parents and guardians must provide their own transportation to and from the field trip location.

Thank You!

We look forward to you and your family joining our community and to partnering with you in your goal to provide your child with a sound, enlightened, well-rounded education.

Very truly yours,

Lauren Monroe

Director and Founder
Worcester Area Think Tank, LLC.