Sudden Fiction: DIY Publication

Ages: 13-17
Cost: $390 (deposit $85)
14 Classes, Tuesdays, 1/24 - 5/9, 1:00 - 2:30pm
Instructor: Adam Zelny

*This continuation of the Sudden Fiction creative writing series is open to both new and returning students.

This class focuses on developing creative writing and publication skills through a variety of reading, writing, and editing assignments, including web publication. Sudden Fiction uses the short story as a touchstone to both study and practice the art of creative writing. Students will read work from a list of authors diverse in time and culture, and reflect on their experiences through both longhand and typed writing assignments designed to explore new ideas and methods. Classwork is shared in Google Drive, where the instructor (and peers) may provide out-of-class feedback relating to storytelling techniques, grammar, spelling, and so on. For a selected reading list from previous classes and a link to the instructor's WordPress click here.

DIY Publication

Each student in this class will also learn how to create their own WordPress site as a means to share their written work. While it is easy to type some words and publish them immediately, we will explore the importance of formatting and editing as a vital part of the publication process. Students will collaborate during peer editing exercises to help polish their work prior to publication.