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Summer Program Week 2


 August 14th - 18th 

Activities listed below are a part of the summer program week 2 and at the cost of $350. This includes all materials.  Students select between one or another morning or afternoon activity.* Students will be at all times in a six students to one teacher ratio. If families cannot commit to a full week, activities will soon be available for individual sign ups! For a look at the week in whole visit HERE. Reserve a spot now for a full week for a deposit of $100. Remaining balance due on Day 2 of Week 2.
**While there are ongoing activities for everyone all day, the Illuminated Sculpture Activity is for 11-15 year olds only.
Week 2: 8/14 - 8/18

Week 2 Activities

Illuminated Sculptures (Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm) Ages 11-15

*ALL SEATS TO THE ILLUMINATED SCULPTURE MORNING ACTIVITY IN SUMMER WEEK 2 ARE FULL. Screen Printing & T-Shirt Design as a morning activity is still available.

Students in this morning workshop will learn how to design and build a laser cut acrylic sculpture which will be illuminated with an LED strip and controller. The group will learn how to create 2D vector images using free Inkscape software, which will be cut and engraved on acrylic with our Full Spectrum laser cutter. Then, we will learn and use 3D CAD (computer aided design) to design and 3D print a base to hold our sculptures. This is a great introduction to the digital design and fabrication process from the ground up! This activity is for participating students aged 11+.

Screen Printing & T-Shirt Design (Mon, Thurs and Fri, 9am-12pm)
Ages 6-15

These morning classes will include a short introduction to drawn 2D design and screen printing. Students will use already constructed screens to print onto t-shirts. Each student will leave with one to two printed t-shirts!

3D Printing Minecraft (Mon-Fri, 1-4pm)
Ages 6-15


This workshop will teach students how to turn their Minecraft creations into a physical 3D printed model! Students will learn the basics of 3D printing technology as they are guided through the process of how to render a piece of their Minecraft world into a digital 3D object, and then prepare the model for our in-house 3D printer. We will also explore how 3D printing is used as a resource in the professional and artistic worlds to help designers and engineers prototype their ideas.

**Minecraft account for Windows/Mac/Linux required**



Infrared Technology (Mon, 1-4pm)
Ages 6-15

*Available as an independent workshop.

This class will introduce basic electronics, soldering and circuit board design. Students will learn applications of infrared technology and build their own Adafruit TV-B-Gone remote control.


Botanical Linoleum Prints (Tues and Weds, 9am-12pm)
Ages 6-15

*Available for sign-up as an independent workshop.

Printmaking is the process of making art work by transferring ink from a stamp or plate onto a sheet of paper. In this class students will pencil draw, cut linoleum and paint and print images inspired by the natural world.



Bone Workshop (Tues 1-4pm)
Ages 6-15

Learn about human and animal bones. Identification, classification and organization. Art work using natural and artificial bone.

Snake Skin Sun Catcher (Weds 1-4pm)
Ages 6-15

Students will learn about different snake species and use shed snake skins to make art. Snake sun catchers visible in included picture. 


Artisan Slides and Quill Pens (Thurs, 1-4pm)
Ages 6-15

*Available for sign up as an independent workshop.

Students will learn microscope technique and microscope slide creation and design. Borrowing from the sentiment of the Victorian era when slide making and quill pen creation was a common past time students will, collect their own specimens, make their own quill pens, and make and decorate their own microscope slides.